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Mad Poetess Reads

or so they tell me

Mad Poetess Reads Sometimes
This journal exists for two related but somewhat tangential purposes.

First, for reading fanfic that for one reason or another is posted only to friendslocked author journals, when the author isn't on the friendslist of my regular journal. I could make a fic-reading filter on mpoetess, but a second journal seemed more practical for several organizational reasons that probably only make sense in my head.

The other purpose is to stalk collect links to the livejournals of professional authors, especially fantasy and sf authors. Mostly for my own curiosity; I'm not an aspiring pro-author myself (even my fanfic output has been close to nil in the last year or so). However, it's interesting to peek in on the behind-the-scenes lives (insofar as their owners choose to make them public) of people whose professional work I recognise, or folks who've had interesting things to say about fandom and slash.

Also, there's been a great deal of cross-pollenization between the pro-world and the fanfic world in recent discussions, and it's nice to know whose opinions I'm reading and might be responding to. It does make a difference in the language and jargon I use (and cliches I assume the person I'm talking to is familiar with), if I'm talking to Jane Q. Buffyfan, vs. Joan Q. Hey You Wrote That Book About Elves That I've Loved Since I Was Thirteen. Which is not to say that Joan Q. isn't also a Buffy fan; there's a lot of Venn diagrams going on in fandom and published literature. And figuring out who's who also allows me to poke about and eventually learn which of my favorite fantasy writers is also secretly tickled by Starsky & Hutch slash. So if that's you (pro writer who's wondering who the hell this MP_reads chick is), hi! That's why I suddenly showed up on your 'friend-of' list.

Something of a mixed bag, and ordinarily I wouldn't put people on the spot by linking fanfic and pro-writers together somehow, given the general don't-ask-don't-tell aspect of fanwriting, but as most if not all of the fic I read is a) television-based and b) Joss-Whedon-approved, I don't think it's likely to be an issue.

Given all of the above, it's probably a foregone conclusion that there aren't likely to be many (if any) entries in this journal, since I'm using it purely as a reading list. The journal in which I do write (heavily fannish, slash-loving, gay-positive, frequently the location of kitty pictures and random exclamations of "Boobies!") can be found under mpoetess.